Lorenzo De Cristofano

Lorenzo De Cristofano: Our boss who, with over thirty years of experience in boating, supervises and coordinates all the Motomar staff, actively and personally part of the team to make sure that everything goes well and make you live wonderful moments here at Garda Lake. Together with Alfonso, he is also the person to deal with if you decide to buy or to sell a boat.


Antonio Corrazza

Antonio Corazza: our foreman for 30 years, is the one who organizes all the work to be done on your boats, who coordinates the movements with the cranes and the staff


Diego Tinelli

Diego Tinelli: Together with Antonio he is the one who takes care of haulings and launchs, of the maintenance on your boats and above all, given his strength, he is the one you can always call if you need to move a heavy load.

Lorenzo Pezzini

Lorenzo Pezzini: Lorenzo, for everyone he is Pez, our mechanic who, together with Gianni, literally helps to restart your boats

Pamela Erba

Pamela Erba: she speaks 5 languages and is the one who welcomes you in the office, who answers the phone and to whom you can contact for the storage of your boat or to rent one.


Alfonso Santambrogio

Alfonso Santambrogio: our seller, is the one you can contact to buy a new boat or sell yours, with a wealth of experience in the sector of over 40 years. Alfonso is also our warehouse keeper, you can ask him if you need a spare part or an accessory from our warehouse or from order.


Gianni D’Errico

Gianni D’Errico: Our mechanic, is the one who repairs the engine of your boat: whatever problem your engine has, you can be sure that he will find out and solve it!

Giovanni Barbuggiani

Gianni Barbuggiani: our accountant, has always been part of the Motomar team and without him the numbers would not have a well-defined order!



Francesca Revelant

Francesca Revelant: our communications manager, she takes care of managing our social profiles to keep you informed about all our news.