For 50 years Motomar has worked with the best companies in the national nautical scene, offering a range of excellent services for every need in the sector.
We are aware that the service we want to offer our customers is a way to make a difference and allow them to choose us as a reference company.

In addition to the winter storage, Motomar also offers annual and summer storage for those who want to drive the boat every day, because the crane service is included (from May 1st to September 30th).

The annual boat storage service includes daily crane service from May 1st to September 30th, winterizing the engine, covering the boat, preparing for the next summer season, and everything at reasonable prices.

To use your boat and set off it to discover the most beautiful places of our lake, just contact us by mail or phone during opening hours, at least 20 minutes in advance to have the boat ready in the water (a day before whether you want to drive the boat on Mondays ).

What’s the better way to discover Lake Garda than from your boat?

For information on these services and everything that Motomar can do for your boat, write to us: motomar@motomar.it


Motomar offers the transport service of your boat from Lake to Sea and from Sea to Lake whenever you need it. Your boats will be treated with the utmost care during the move and we will take care of the entire transport organization.
Contact us for a personalized quote based on the route to be made.


Motomar is also open during the winter months and offers the storage service of your boats at competitive prices. For further information, please contact us directly. Our staff is always available to meet the needs of our customers at any time of the year.


Motomar can help you to convey the sale of your used vehicle by using all the necessary skills and exploiting the potential of the online sales market, guaranteeing the viewing and testing of boats in the water to those who request it. Our staff is at your disposal to offer you the best advice and evaluation of your used vehicle and to allow you to carry out the best negotiation.


Motomar offers a very efficient maintenance service and is able to guarantee the remaking of the sheets and awnings of your boats in the fastest and most professional way possible. To request a personalized quote we are at your disposal.


The application of antifouling paint is a fundamental operation to keep a boat in good condition over the years. Motomar realizes this important service for your boat and it does so with the help of a trained and specialized staff, available in the winter months at Lake Garda.


Motomar offers the repair and workshop service for the boats of its brands represented. For all our services we use valid collaborators to best meet the general mechanical and engine requirements and for any problem your boats may have, all year round.


Motomar offers the engine wintering service for your boats to allow adequate maintenance and functional control necessary to better face the following season. Contact us for a personalized quote based on the type of boat in your possession.


Motomar offers the service of making your engine coupon, contact us for a personalized quote. We have an internal workshop capable of providing any repairs to your boat at any time. The space available is large and safe, managed by highly qualified personnel, who have worked with us for several years.


Boat Storage and Travel-Lift
Motomar offers a service of travel-lift for boats up to 40 feet in the commercial channel of Peschiera del Garda Port. It offers also a tranfer Lake – Sea and Sea – Lake for your boat.

The relationship of trust that we establish with our customers is a great value and a huge pride for us, it allows us to manage the same boats for years, which we know very well and on which we can operate with the utmost care.