Motomar is the official dealer for Italy of the American SeaRay. Motomar also sells Bavaria and the very Italian brands Comitti and Ranieri International of which you can make test drives in the water, upon reservation. These brands represent excellence in the world of pleasure boating.


Since 1959, Sea Ray, a historic American shipyard, has distinguished itself on the market for innovation, craftsmanship and service that it has been able to guarantee in every boat that has its name.

Today, with an offer of over 40 models between 17 and 60 feet, it is one of the world’s largest producers of pleasure boats.

Quality and safety first of all: at Sea Ray engineers, designers and production staff are highly specialized, working with the utmost commitment to ensure that the product is able to ensure the highest quality standards.

Research on the design and innovation front never stops and thanks to this constant commitment, Sea Ray is the most awarded brand for quality, customer satisfaction and innovation.


Since 1978 Bavaria has been building its sailing and motor boats with the head, with the hands and with a big heart. A Bavaria combines tradition in shipbuilding, German engineering art and the ability to build boats with millimeter precision in modern industrial production facilities.

From bow to stern Bavaria is synonymous with high quality and reliability at an excellent value for money.

With over 1,400 boats, between motor and sail, produced per year Bavaria Yachts ranks among the largest and most successful manufacturers in the world. Research and innovation, fine materials and excellent equipment are combined to create solid boats with lasting value to ensure a perfect experience on and off the water.


In business since 1956, the Comitti shipyard operates near Lake Como and proposes itself as one of the last Italian manufacturers dedicated to the production of wooden and fiberglass runabouts, characterized by classic design and refined finishes. Thanks to the use of the finest materials and the most accurate construction methods, Comitti produces elegant and “timeless” boats, which represent the apex of the renowned Italian nautical tradition and which are aimed at a refined and selected audience of connoisseurs. Founded by Mario Comitti, the company was subsequently managed by his son Elia until – in 2003 – it was acquired by the new (and current) owners: in the last 15 years many new models have been introduced, so that Comitti is today in able to offer 5 fiberglass models – Venice line from 22 to 34 feet -, as well as two boats made entirely of wood – Sanremo 22 and Portofino 25. In the summer of 2017, Comitti production was implemented with the launch of the new Isola 33 , an original day-cruiser that has redefined the “walk-around” concept in an elegant and innovative way. Thanks to a growing network of dealers and service points in Italy, Europe and the United States, Comitti is now able to offer its customers complete and timely support, both from a commercial and a commercial point of view. ‘technical and logistic assistance. Upon request, Comitti is also able to create refined custom-tenders for large yachts, always guaranteeing the elegance, class and style that only a Comitti runabout can offer.


The Ranieri brand was born in Soverato around the end of the 60s from the entrepreneurial activity of the eldest of the brothers Pietro Ranieri who starting from the sale and assistance of marine engines and boats, with the collaboration of the brothers transformed your passion for ingenuity into real floating masterpieces.

The activity of the eldest of the brothers then led to the birth of the F.LLI RANIERI S.R.L. first company of the RANIERI group.

Today the same has as its primary activity the production and marketing of pleasure boats in fiberglass. The generational change, today sees as protagonists of the Motonautica F.lli Ranieri S.R.L, Pietro Ranieri the eldest of the brothers flanked by his sons Salvatore and Antonio who take care of the commercial and administrative part directly together with the assistance of specialized personnel.

Within the company, the founder Pietro Ranieri personally takes care of and follows every single phase of the production process and it is thanks to him that Motonautica F.lli Ranieri has always been known on the market as the leading company capable of creating boats of the highest quality. quality and technological innovation.

It is therefore a company based on pillars belonging to the same family and this is precisely the reason for so much attention and attention to detail. The combination of technical philosophies and work experiences that only a life spent on site can give, has led to the creation of a winning product which, in addition to speed and manageability, has reached superlative levels of reliability, structural strength but above all comfort.