The strategic position of Motomar gives you the opportunity to moor a few meters from the center of the town of Peschiera del Garda, being able to take advantage of the launching and hauling services of your boat. Motomar is located near a parking space, a bar, a restaurant and an hotel which you can comfortably use as long as you wait for your boat to be ready.

Motomar is located in a very advantageous and unique position: it is located just outside the walls: in a few minutes you can reach the center of the fortified town and its main streets full of shops and clubs of various kinds. With your boat you can visit the beautiful places of Garda, take a swim offshore and return in the evening to your private port. We point out that Peschiera del Garda, with its walls, has recently been named a Unesco World Heritage Site, which is why it is a great opportunity to visit it and admire its features.

The particular and strategic position of Motomar makes it very convenient for all those who wish to use their own boat or rent one during the summer. In fact, in addition to a large covered and uncovered space for storage, it also has a convenient Port Channel, at the mouth of the Mincio River, an emissary of Lake Garda. Since the Venetian rule, the “Commercial Canal” was used by the sailing ships that crossed the lake, precisely because of its great safety against bad weather as well as for the convenience of landing. Docks equipped with water and electricity serve the mooring and our workshop with attached shop will provide for all your nautical needs.